About Me

I am completely new to blogging or any other kind of public writing, with the exception of Facebook. I have been told i have an interesting writing style – possibly some real talent. The problem is, I’ve never taken these comments seriously. Well, now that my husband has encouraged me to stretch myself, I thought I’d give it a try. Worst case scenario, I spend some time writing and also meet some new people.

I also believe that this could be a really cathartic experience for me since all my life I have been on the sidelines. I grew up in a noisy family, thus, my quiet voice was rarely heard. Add to that mixture the fact that I have a significant hearing problem, and you end up with someone that has spent most of their life alone in their own head (me).

I don’t have specific topics to explore, but as I’ve said above, I’ve spent so much time in my own head conducting conversations about various topics over the years, I believe the words will eventually flow. There will be cerebral alluvial deposits to erode or, if necessary, circumvent. But it will happen.

Let’s Go have ourselves some fun! 🙂



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