What’s in a Name

Kids say and think the darnedest things. I’ve already grown quite fond of Euphoric Charity’s make-believe friend, Mr. Ziegleporph. When I was a young, fatherless child, I travelled across the US with my mom via Greyhound Bus.  It was a long trip, and everyone grew restless. An older man befriended me, and I drank in the attention by the bucketfuls. He liked me so much that he decided to give me a new middle name to add to the one I already had. My new middle name was “Sue”.  I was so excited about having a new official name, I decided to give myself yet another official middle name.  My new name I gave myself was ‘Tal’ (to rhyme with Sal). Thus, I ended up having a 5-word name.

Does  life get any better?