Hear no evil …until the next time

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Hear No Evil.”

Perpetual inundation of bad news from your friendly newscaster. A new theme emerges like clockwork of ghastly inhumane and immoral acts. At first, the news is horrifying and inconceivable. Then there is the “rubbernecking stage” where the details are indeed despicable yet somehow become compelling drama. The events seep into every day thoughts providing a distraction from the lackluster workday. In the end, the events and perpetrators eventually meld into one general composite story. Same story, different day. Ennui settles in for a long winter nap. Evil? What evil? Hey, did you hear the breaking news story about Senator Tom Smith’s affair with his nanny’s daughter whose ex husband murdered their only child?

And it’s off to the races again.


Around the bend a summer’s balm

Summer SolaceThis year winter’s cold and clammy tentacles have reached farther and deeper into my bones than ever. Why, just last evening I took a brief stroll with my dog, and before I had rounded the bend at the old abandoned school house to return home, my hands were completely chilled while I hunkered down in my insufficient windbreaker.

I ask you…no I beseech you, Mother Nature, to tell me just when does summer begin this year, and can you substantiate your claim? There was a break in the cold and rain a week ago, which served to merely whet my appetite. The air was moist and warm, and even the most cautious were sporting summer attire. I slowly walked into a lake so cold  I squealed in agony only to eventually submit and jump in all the way. The water felt deliciously cool and cleansing on my skin, and I giggled and splashed like I was ten all over again. Afterwards the sun baked the water out of my clothes leaving me snuggly enveloped in heat.

More. I need more.